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Hizero UltimateClean™ Technology

Hizero UltimateClean™ technology taps into nature using bionic-based science to deliver super-smart
solutions for twenty-first-century homes and lifestyles.

Bionic-Based Science

Our Polymer super absorbent roller, emulates the way animals lick up liquids and solids.
The Polymer roller with our specially formulated design can cope with any liquid or solid mess, with a minimum of noise and energy consumed.

No Suction Technology

Hizero UltimateClean™ technology utilizes innovative technology to differentiate itself from a traditional vacuum. Not only we can pick up all sorts of mess from liquids to dust, but we do this with a minimum of noise and energy consumed. No Suction Technology is revolutionizing how people clean floors the world over.

Automatic Waste Separation

Dual Flow Technology

Hizero introduces an innovative solid and liquid waste separation system. Hizero makes waste disposal super easy by systematically separating the solids into a solid waste container and the liquids into Hizero’s waste water tank. Hair and pet hair are also picked up and captured by our brush roller.

Triple Disposal System

As our Polymer roller picks up all sorts of waste, our clever technology goes about separating all the waste. At Hizero we are conscious that waste should be disposed of correctly. An example is you pick up solid waste and don’t want to flush it down your sink, as long term this may clog up the sink. So, we decided all hard waste will be collected in our hard waste tray and liquids in our 500ml easy grip container. Long hair we didn’t forget about that either, our brush roller takes care of that.

Real Time Self Cleaning

Hizero’s Unique Self–Cleaning Roller technology ensures, your floor is always clean, no matter
whether it is the first square meter or the last. Constantly keeping the Polymer clean and
moist will also aid in the protection of your floors due to its soft and gentle rolling action.

An all-in-one cordless hard floor cleaning solution that sweeps and mops by using a unique high-density, gentle yet hard-wearing polymer soft surface roller, which also self cleans.