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Hizero Revolutionizes Hard Floor Cleaning

A cordless and vacuumless hard floor cleaner that sweeps, mops, and self-cleans all in one efficient, dirt, liquid, and germ removing movement.

No Suction Technology

Real Time Self Clean

Waste Auto Separation

Hizero Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner

01Polymer Roller

The unique high-density, gentle yet hard-wearing polymer soft surface roller, which also self cleans.

02Brush Roller

Our brush roller collects all long hair and fur in a dry condition. It is easy to clean with tissue without contacting the trash.

03Solid Trash Tray

All solid wastes are delivered to the 200ml trash tray.

04Smart Water Tank

It requires just 1L to clean 100 square meters of flooring. All liquid or solid waste are collected in sealed, separated compartments.

05Control Interface

Total ease-of-use operation and smart visual display.

06Lithium-Ion Battery

Enjoy cordless cleaning convenience with up to 60 minutes of run time. Full charged within 3-4 hrs.

Features We Deliver

Easy Floor Cleaning

1. Sweeps and mops in one easy movement. Easy to comprehend. Same way as traditional mop.

2. Features AirDry technology. Unlike a traditional mop, AirDry leaves minimal water. So your floor is not only clean but dry in a short period of time.

3. Two-step trash disposal, No contact with trash.

Real Time Self Clean

Unique self-cleaning roller technology ensures the last square meter of flooring cleaned is as beautifully clean as the first square meter and reduces to zero any risk of floors being scratched.

Dust Free

Its unique gentle bionic roller technology means that unlike traditional suction cleaners
there is zero dust and other debris blown back into the air to be inhaled and irritate breathing.


Whisper silent at just 60dB, the Hizero is a quiet home buddy that won’t disturb other activities as it efficiently removes dirt, liquid and germs.

Long Run Time

An ultra-effective, highly durable battery provides a remarkable unmatched 60 minutes of non-stop running time enabling every floor surface in the home to be swept, mopped, washed and wiped dry.


Automatic waste separatoin. Uses clean water on every m² of flooring. Leaves floors hygienically clean and streak free. Healthier for babies, pets, and everyone.

Easy to Use

  • Cordless. Less effort, less time.

  • Lower to 20° maximum. Easily gets under furniture.

  • 3.9 kg lightweight and low center of gravity design.

  • Easy to maneuver with automatic driving force.

  • Full width cleaning. Maximize the cleaning power.

  • Easy Floor Cleaning.

Multi-Room Cleaning

Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom… any space with sealed hard floors.

Multi-Surface Usage

We clean the following floors: Natural timber, Engineered timber, Ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles, Marble tiles, Polished concrete and Laminates.

Energy Saving

  • Water Saving

    1 litre of water cleans 100m² of hard flooring.

  • Time Saving

    10 mins for 50m².

  • Noise Reduced

    < 60 dB.

  • Electrical Energy Saving

    0.08kwh electricity for one hour.


Cleaning Technology UltimateClean™ Technology
Cleaning Roller Material Polymer
Realtime Self-Cleaning Yes
Deep Self-Cleaning Yes
Solid-Liquid Dual Processing Yes
Voltage 18.25V
Power 38W
Adapter Input 100-240v~50/60Hz 0.6A
Adapter Output 24V DC 1.0A
Cleaning Roller RPM 90rpm
Battery Capacity 2150mAh
Clean Water Volume 500ml
Dirty Water Volume 500ml
Net Weight 3.9kg
Runtime >60 Minutes
Noise < 60dB in all modes
Colour Black, White, Space Grey
Charging Direct Plugging
Cleaning Solution Hizero Hard Floor Cleaning Solution
Motor Aerospace Brushless Motor
Dimensions 290*200*1200mm
Packaging Dimensions 890*380*185mm
Packaging Weight 8.5kg


All our accessories have been developed to enhance the operation of the Hizero Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner. Regular maintenance ensures you will keep your beautiful floors as clean as we strive to have.

Hizero Support

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