Meet the Hizero Cleaner

Hizero Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner goes beyond a vacuum. It sweeps, mops, and picks up wet and dry spills on the hard floor, allowing people to enjoy cleaner, healthier, and easier lifestyles.

Wet and Dry Hair

Dry Spills

Wet Spills

Dirt and Dust

Wet and Dry Spills

No Suction Technology

Hizero UltimateClean™ technology is an innovation as it does not utilize suction like a vacuum cleaner does. Our No Suction Technology means we do not emit any dust or allergens back out into the air. Creating not only beautifully cleaned hygienic hard floors, but also a revelation in reducing dust emissions into the home.

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Multi-Surface Cleaning

We are designed to function on all sealed hard flooring, which is water resistant. For the most effective result, the floor should be level. Of course, even a unique product like our hard floor cleaner cannot do everything. So please do not use it on carpet or rugs.

Dual Flow Technology

Hizero never mixes clean and dirty water. We start with one fresh tank of water, which then passes through our absorption system before being stored as dirty water.

Healthier Life

Hizero applies bionic tech instead of cyclonic or suction technology, there is no air outlet to release air dust, odor, or allergens. We care for you & your family.

Super Saver

Hizero saves a lot of water, electricity, and your time. It only takes 35oz/1 liter of water. 0.01kwh electricity and 10 minutes to clean up a 1000 sqft floor area.

Multifunctional Cleaner

Real Time Self Clean

Automatically Separates Liquid and Solid Waste

Quiet Like a Conversation at 60dB

Cordless 60 min Non-Stop Runtime

No Dust Blowback or Fumes

Hizero Support

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