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Hizero Australia wins Product Review Award for the 3rd Year Running

PRESS RELEASE: 12th December 2022

Hizero Australia wins Product Review Award for the 3rd Year Running

Hizero Australia has taken out the prestigious Product Review Award for the 3rd year running. Hizero prides itself on customer satisfaction, as our consumers are the most important part of  our business. A brand cannot live off innovative technology, we must also support it with the best people, and high-quality home appliances. The innovative Hizero All In One Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner is based on new technology which has yet to be seen in many markets globally. With new technology comes the need for extra customer support. What we call “the human touch” at Hizero.

Dino Scaramuzzo Managing Director of Hizero Australia was thrilled to have won for the 3rd consecutive year “winning this award for the third time is very satisfying for me and the team”. It’s nice to be recognised by our customers for the hard work and effort we put in. Our business ethos is built on the principle of “customer first” and we will never be satisfied until we hit “5 Stars”.


The award is judged on the following criteria:

  • Overall rating
  • Overall review count
  • Retail availability to the Australian public in 2022
  • Rating in the last 12 months (between 1 November 2021 to 31 October 2022)

An Award judged by the consumer, is truly an award that any organisation strives to win.

For more information, contact James Vogdanos Global Marketing Director on +61418884650 or [email protected]

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