Our history

Founded in 2013, with an innate aggressive and adventurous creativity, HIZERO is dedicated to solutions for difficult problems people are encountering in life. For the past hundreds of years, people have been suffering from tiresome tasks while cleaning floors, from sweeping to mopping, with kinds of tools. With a doubt, it was difficult and tedious for most people, but the founder of HIZERO thought differently: “I want to make a tool to realize automatic floor cleaning, just like a washing machine.” From 2005, The HIZERO founder has been researching and developing a new technology that can finish floor cleaning in one pass. After ten years of relentless efforts and hard work, as well as hundreds of prototypes and failure, the steadfast HIZERO team finally invented the unique bionic cleaning technology. The technology integrates sweeping, mopping, the separation of solids and liquids, and self-cleaning. And industrial figures even highly spoke of its birth as the second revolution of the cleaning industry. Though HIZERO founder said,

“Our intention is not to change the industry”, the future has been written.

Bionic tech origin

Our new bionic technology has the same basic principles of the way our pets eat. Their tongue plays the key role of licking food whether solid or liquid. In the same manner the HIZERO scrubs the floor while separating the solids from the liquids.

While the bionic mop works with intense cleaning power, the actual power consumed is very low at runtime, and the Li-ion battery provides for cordless use and more than an hour of full strength runtime. While there are no filters, the motor creates maximum power, with very little noise. This machine has been designed, developed, and tested to be the most powerful cleaning tool for hard surface floors due to the breakthrough technology.

Spirit of HIZERO

Zero means something never happened, but what the HIZERO team is doing, makes it happen.

This new field the HIZERO team is researching and developing has never been explored, and the invention is unprecedented and revolutionary. This is the process of making it happen. The HIZERO marketing team works all over the world to have these innovative products offered for sale all over the world.

HIZERO mission:

Bring the world into bionic cleaning era.