​​​​​​​4-in-1 bionic mop

HIZERO F801's versatility enables it to handle sweeping, mopping, drying and self-cleaning at the same time. Instead of strong suction, HIZERO uses a series of simultaneous cleaning actions to capture garbage by imitating how dogs lick dry their food bowl.


Real-Time Self-Cleaning

The world's first self-cleaning design is one of the most noteworthy features of HIZERO. Through the unique built-in water flow system, the contact surface of cleaning roller against floor is always cleaning with fresh water. No secondary cleaning procedure needed!



60 to 80 mins of non-stop powerful cleaning after every charging.​​​​​​​



  • HIZERO hereby introduces the patented cleaning technology that inspired by cleaning mechanism of a dog's tongue and saliva.

  • Amazing user-friendly waste classification system automatically separates garbage into solid trash tray and dirty water tank. More surprisingly, HIZERO is able to isolate hair on a specialized brush roller which saves a lot of trouble of cleaning human's hair and pets' fur as well as avoiding any form of clogging. House chores were never this easy before HIZERO!

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