1. Is it a vacuum?
- No, the Hizero All in One is a state of the art hard floor cleaner that sweeps, mops and dries using a totally unique high-density gentle yet hard wearing polymer soft surface roller, which self cleans. 


2. Does it have suction like a vacumm cleaner?

- No, it picks up all liquids and soliuds with its unique roller.

3. Will it emit dust or odors like a vacuum?
- Happily for our cistomers, it doesn’t emit any dust or odors.

4. Is it noisy?
- No, it is quieter than vacuum cleaners.

5. What is ‘Bionic’?
- The cleaner applies Bionic Science. which uses nature as a rich source of inspiration. In our case, we emulate the way a dog’s tongue works when licking up liquids or solids from a dog bowl.

6. What can it do?
- Our cleaner sweeps and mops hard flooring.

7. Can it clean up liquid spills?
- Yes, it will pick every liquid except thoser that are corrosive or flamable. 

8. Can  it clean up solid spills of food like rice or pasta?
- Yes, it can pick up all types of food spills.

9. What types of flooring can I use it own?
- The Hizero can be used for any hard surface, (timber ,tiles, concrete).

10. Is it safe on timber flooring?
-Absolutely,  as it is designed to not use an excessive amount of water.

11. Does it create steam to clean?
- No, it doesn’t use steam. Instead, it uses our revolutionary UltimateClean™ technology.

12. Can it clean carpet?
- No, it’s not made to be used on carpets.

13. Can I add detergents or cleaning solutions to my clean water tank?
- Yes,  you can use cleaning solutions, but we recommend you only use  Hizero approved HygieneGuard™ solution.

14. How much HygieneGuard™ do I need to add per water tank?

- You only need to use 5ml, as it is a concentrated formula. 

15. How flexible is the Hizero 803, for example?

- It Is cordless – and boasts a remarkble 80 minute runtime.

16. How long does it take to fully charge?
- It recharges faster than a Tesla, requiring just 4 hours.

17. Why does it have 2 water tanks?
- One tank is for clean water and the other collects the dirty water, as you clean.

18. Is the Hizero difficult to maintain?
- It couldn’t be simpler to maintain. All the compartments are separated for easy cleaning.

19. What maintenance is required to keep my Hizero Bionic Cleaner? 
- at peak performance, you’ll need to change the Polymer roller on average every 6 months.   

20. Where does the solid waste go?
- The solid waste is collected separately in the green tray. 

21. What about if I have really dirty floors?
- The Hizero 803 comes with 2 speeds, with the second one used for intensive cleaning. 

22. Is it difficult to use?
- Not at all. Ssimply press the start button and the cleaners moves in a forward motion.

23. How do I know when it needs charging?
- A red LED lights up on the front of the Hizero  when you need to start recharging.

24. How big is the water tank?
- The water tank has a 500ml capacity.

25. How large an area can a 500ml water tank clean?
- A full tank of water enables you to clean 50 square metres of hard flooring.   

Frequently Asked Questions About the Hizero All in One Floor Cleaner

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