Hizero UltimateClean™

Introducing our revolutionary

hard floor cleaning

Hizero harnesses revolutionary bionic technology design approaches to give consumers a truly versatile appliance that sweeps, washes, dries, and self-cleans. 


Wet and dries* dual-cleaning technology.





Disclaimer: *Dries- removes excess water.

  • One step to complete cleanness

    Enjoy ultimate, super effective and easy floor cleaning performance as the Hizero sweeps, mops, washes and wipe’s surfaces dry in one efficient dirt, liquid and germ

    removing movement.

  • Automatic separation of liquids and solids

    Smart design means you never get your hands dirty as all solid and liquid muck collected is separated automatically into different no-spill containers that are easily removed for cleaning.

  • Floor cleaning without suction

    Applying bionic science, Hizero harnesses a unique high-density polymer soft-surface roller that adapts to the floor surface material to efficiently pickup waste or liquids before absorbing the moisture to leave the floor drier than regular mops.

  • Longer battery life

    An ultra-effective, highly durable battery provides a remarkable unmatched 60 minutes of non-stop running time enabling every floor surface in the home to be swept, mopped, washed and wiped dry.

  • Built-in self-cleaning

    Unique self-cleaning roller technology ensures the last square meter of flooring cleaned is as beautifully clean as the first square meter and reduces to zero any risk of floors being scratched.

  • Silent and no exhaust fumes

    Whisper silent at just 60dB, the Hizero is a quiet home buddy that won’t disturb other activities as it efficiently removes dirt, liquid and germs. Its unique gentle bionic roller technology means that unlike traditional suction cleaners there is zero dust and other debris blown back into the air to be inhaled and irritate breathing.

All in One Cleaning 

Multi-Surface Cleaning

Can clean all types of hard flooring, from timber to tiles and any other hard surface floor in your home.    





A revolutionary  Hizero hard floor clears harnesses unique UltimateClean™ technology to seamlessly, easily do all your hard floor cleaning - at a sweep. Throw away your mop and vacuum cleaner, we’ve innovated the perfect all-in-one cleaning solution that mops, sweeps and dries floors.  And sorts the collected dirt and muck into separate liquid and solid waste containers for easy removal.

Automatically Separates

At Hizero we know you want to make cleaning as simple, easy and efficient as possible, so we separate the solids from the liquids into separate compartments.

Dual Flow Technology

Hizero never mixes clean and dirty water. We start with one fresh tank of water, which then passes through our absorption system before being stored as dirty water. This means we always clean your floor with nice clean water.  

Intelligent Self Cleaning 

Hard floor cleaning perfected. The 21st century solution to age-old traditional mopping. Faultlessly collecting liquids and solids utilising our Intelligent Self-cleaning System.

HIZERO automatically stops and alerts the user whenever the clean water tank is empty or the dirty water tank is full.

Clean water tank

Dirty water tank

Polymer Cleaning Roller

Efficiently cleaning wet and dry messes with ease, the polymer roller provides quick and easy collection of messes from spilled drinks to cookie crumbs.

Compared to conventional cleaning methods, Hizero saves you precious resources and time.   For example, you need just 1 litre of water to clean 100 square metres of flooring.






Control Interface

Total ease-of-use operation and smart visual display.

Smart Water Tank

500ml cleaning water tank. It requires just 1L to clean a 100m2 floor.

600ml dirty water tank. Intelligent water level monitor.

Lithium-Ion Battery

Li-ion Rechargeable Battery. Delivers over 60 mins run time. And requires just 3-4 hrs to achieve full charge.

Solid Trash Tray

Easy maintenance, solid wastes were forced to the 200ml solid trash tray.

Charging Station

Perfect holder. Stay charged for cleaning tasks.

Intuitive in every way, no settings to adjust with only 2 simple control buttons, power on and off, setting 1 for regular cleaning or 2 for heavy cleaning. The interface tells you everything you need to know, blue when all is well and red when an action is required.




Cordless upright


All in one (sweep, mop, dry*, roller clean)


Li-ion, 19 V DC, 40Wh, 4-hour fully charged session

Battery run time:

Up to 60 minutes

Clean water tank volume:

500 ml

Dirty water tank volume:

600 ml

Trash capacity:

200 ml



Water consumption:

1 litre of water will clean about a 100-square-meters 
(* Laboratory test data)



Usage restrictions:

Hard floors use only (such as tiles, laminate, hardwood, all sealed floors)

Packing List:

Lower Body*1, Upper Body*1, Base Dock*1, Cleaning Roller*1, User Manual*1, Cleaning Brush*1, Cleaning Solution*1, Spare Comb Filter*3, Motor Protection Foam*1, Desiccant*1

Fast Facts & Advantages: 

  • Fully automated bionic cleaning technology.

  • Wet-dry dual use, Floor drying function, for a variety of complex household wastes.

  • Picks up dust, solid waste and liquids, No air pollution its not a vacuum.

  • Realtime self-cleaning of the cleaning roller during use.

  • All solid and liquid waste is collected and automatically separated into a hard waste tray and waste-water tank.

  • Whisper quiet, Very low noise level less than 60dB.

  • You can clean 100 Sq mts in only 8mins.

  • It only uses 1L of water to clean 100 sq mts.

  • The cleaning head swivels left and right and rotates around 70 degrees.

  • Cordless with 60 mins run time.

  • Exclusively designed for all hard floors.

Introducing Hizero Hygiene Clean™

Our specially formulated Hard floor cleaning solution.

What is HygieneClean™

HygieneClean™is our specially formulated cleaning solution, when used in conjunction with our Revolutionary UltimateClean Bionic Mop. Will not only leave your hard floor clean but Hygienically clean. Only a cap full is required to clean 50square metres of flooring, making it highly affective not only Hygienically but environmentally.

Bonus HygieneClean™

with every Hizero UltimateClean™

  • Free 100ml sample in every Hizero UltimateClean™

  • 100ml equates to 1000 squaremetres of Hygienically cleaned hard flooring

  • Duration of Promotion 1 year from first shipment

Test results-HygieneClean™

  • Cleaning solution by a widely trusted brand SWIPE

  • Proven disinfection effect by 3rd party lab tests.

  • Shipped with the product, also available as consumables.


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